Drowmore is Aphrodite Delaguiado’s artistic alter ego. She’s a passionate artist, designer and the talent behind The Cosmic Pear’s brand.

The brief:

  • Solve Aph’s website identity crisis! When looking for design work, she changed the site to feature her graphic design portfolio. When more focused on freelance creative gigs, she set it up to highlight art and illustrations. Aph didn’t want and can’t afford the time to have two separate websites to maintain.
  • Review the site and give honest feedback and recommendations on how Aph could improve it from a user’s perspective.
  • Suggest some new ways Aph could build new content and share her work that could lead to some interesting opportunities.

What I did:

  • Researched the difference between art and design, and how design work differs from artwork. With some solid definitions to work towards, Aph could separate her content and build targeted portfolios.
  • Suggested re-categorisation of her content to make the distinction clearer and avoid repetition across areas of the site and improve the user journey.
  • Provided new ideas for Aph to compliment her work with the power of words. From small headings to powerful descriptions, written content will help the reader understand her creative processes and get to know her personality.
  • Explored alternative ways for Drowmore to get out beyond the website and into the creative world, including meetups, galleries and writing articles. With expanded connections and experiences, comes inspiration for new content and storytelling.

To view Drowmore’s expansive portfolio of art, design and creative projects, visit her website and follow her on Insta.