A cosy Italian restaurant, bringing the vibrant and historical streets of Italy to Sydney’s North Shore.

The brief:

  • This fabulous restaurant aspires to be known as the best Italian restaurant in Sydney, but how should they get their name out there? 

  • How should Mangiasti use social media to engage with locals to win their custom and how can they provide an authentic experience to customers from the moment they hear or see the word Mangiasti?

What I delivered:

  • A six-month content strategy targeting key topics and events that could be featured as blog posts, newsletter snippets, Facebook and Instagram posts.

  • Content opportunities for photography and video.

  • I interviewed co-owners Davide and George via email to explore their talent, passion and vision for the restaurant. I used the brief and their answers to craft an “Our story” page for the website using the restaurant’s tone of voice while using keywords and headings for SEO.