CareerStone is a London-based recruitment agency specialising in insurance, finance and technology, led by hot-shot recruitment superstar Tony Holt.

The brief:

  • Tony at CareerStone may be great with clients, but his website needs some help. He asked for some simple steps to make his website more user-friendly, and more useful as a tool to grow his business.
  • Review social media channels and make recommendations about how to leverage them to help meet his business goals.

How I helped with web:

  • Assessed the website’s search engine performance and outlined steps to help improve the results (including adding keywords to improve SEO).
  • Took a user-centric view of his website to review the navigation and steps needed to get an enquiry (the user journey). Provided next steps to improve this journey.
  • Suggested content and layout edits to make his site more effective at selling his services, communicating his unique selling points and using statistics to demonstrate the agency’s impact for its clients.
  • Reviewed the website for errors and accessibility issues such as colour contrast, typos, broken links - often small things that get left unsolved when people are busy.

Social media:

  • Provided an analysis and demographic breakdown of the agency’s existing online community on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Identified key audiences and opportunities for business growth on the different social channels.
  • Suggested a content strategy to help build engagement with the relevant audience on each channel, based on these business objectives.